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Welcome Collective Member !

*Just to be clear if you're a Member you would have joined earlier this year (and paid a membership fee) when there was an option to do so before the first event in 2023.


As a member you get a reduced rate for a pitch and a mention in the About Us section - although not all of you have sent in a photo (maybe a note for later if you'd like to be added).


Set up is from 8.30 each day.

Doors open at 10.30 and close at 4pm (please do not pack up before 4pm each day). 


Select the day/days you've been given via email. If you'd like 2 days but currently have only been given one there may be an option to add a second day once everyone has confirmed their pitch. You will get an email notifying you about this, however, you will still need to book your given day to reserve it.


If any of this is still unclear drop Cherie an email and she will help !


Are you a Collective Member ?

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